Important Information

Important Information

Word derived from the English anime animation (animation), and today is constantly used by many people in their everyday vocabulary. Term that referred to Japanese cartoons, long ago ceased to mean merely themselves cartoons. However, many of the language does not turn called “cartoons”, due to the fact that they were made not for an audience of children. Severe psychological plot is often scrolls in a variety of full-length movies or anime series. There, it is noteworthy and quite innocuous work, the intent of which is purely entertainment. Most often, anime created by manga.

Manga – Japanese comics, usually performed in black and white. The main focus is on the eye, so the style of drawing characters do not like the traditional European. After all, only his eyes, according to the Japanese, very vividly express the emotions and feelings of the hero. Known to joke, though Japanese draw their anime characters with big eyes, because of their complexes, and the hair – colored, since virtually all of Japan’s population – brunettes. But to drive all in one frame will not work.

Depending on the age category, genre and style of anime and manga characters can look quite differently: from the exaggeratedly large eyes, slender bodies and lush hair acidic color to a rather ordinary appearance. In such situations, the key role played by the smallest details, emphasizing the character traits of character, his role in the whole picture of the story and other ideas of the author. In the anime, there are several species. Many of them are designed to teenage audience, for this reason they include a mixture of astonishing adventure story with romance, humor and situations from everyday life that are close and understandable to anyone. Perhaps this is special popularity of anime among young audience. Many of the talk also about life in other universes, mystery stories, and alternative versions of the world.

Similar anime is full of mysteries, secrets that are revealed as early as the final part. These themes find their audience, enjoyed great popularity and fame throughout the world. You can often identify genres that are meant only for adult audience, they exist own subgroup and generally referred to as “hentai”, which can be translated as a perversion. In these anime presence of sexual scenes, violence and often severe psychological plot. Today anime enjoys spectacular value not only in Japan but in other major countries. Japanese words and expressions that have been taken from various tv series, have become routine directly because of the anime. Because a lot of fans and anime fans think that a big role in bringing to the consciousness of people the characters played by voice actor who voiced him, the anime looks to Voiced with superimposed subtitles. Some people have started interested in Japanese culture, its traditions, customs and the country itself because of the anime. Conduct an annual meeting of anime fans, where we discuss recent work by various writers and join like-minded people. Go beyond this and a variety of awards ceremony, which is awarded in different categories of quality of work recognized by anime critics and viewers. Each year, made full-length movies that are popular and collect a lot of money. Anime recently removed not only the manga, but also on various books or already running a movie rental. Anime can be loved, treated without emotion or hate. But its authors, who are trying to create a product, which would hurt the soul, without a doubt, deserve respect. Anime is an art – that gets new fans and really developed organically.

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