The award-winning end times thriller “Hell” appears on April 26 on DVD and Blu-ray by paramount home entertainment in Hamburg, 22.03.2012 / INPROMO / / dried out skeleton of tree line the streets, occasionally there are animal carcasses on the dusty ground. Flash sunlight burns down relentlessly on the Earth. No man can be seen. The Sun, as we know it, has changed our world of dramatically in the year 2016. Solar storms, drought and a threatening water shortages have made the planet an inhospitable and dangerous place. Only a few people manage to survive under these circumstances: Marie (Hannah Herzsprung, “Four minutes”, “White Lake”), her little sister Leonie (Lisa Vicari) and Marie friend Philipp (Lars Eidinger, “All other”) among them are. Three they get on the way to the mountains, because there should be water.

The nerves are stretched to the breaking point. Recently, the young people have buried their friends and families, now she teases the question daily, whether they the next day experience will be. At an abandoned gas station, the three meet the emaciated loner Tom (Stipe Erceg, “Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei”). He has only little confidence although at first glance, but repaired Phillips car and makes himself so indispensable. Four of them, they continue their journey. On a secluded road, which leads up to the mountains, the group unit but in an ambush.

When Leonie is abducted, the others realize that the struggle for survival has now really started! After the Group was separated, Marie meets completely exhausted on the farmer’s wife Elisabeth (Angela Winkler, “The Tin drum”). Relieved by their friendliness and helpfulness, Marie of the farmer follows on their farm. But quickly revealed the true intentions of the peasant woman: flinch at anything to save the life of her family. In search of Marie must reach for the truth in the darkest basement of the farmhouse.

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