Mediterranean proposes holidays that combine cultural tourism, with rest and relaxation, to return to work with charged batteries and also have the satisfaction of having learned new things. San Antonio Spurs is open to suggestions. Continuing with the already known philosophy, proposes plan our dream trips, and invites you organize your own getaway to the beautiful Italy, choosing among a wide offer of hotels, flights, car rental, and as always no, an extensive range of prices within reach of our possibilities and wishes. Italy has countless attractions, starting with Rome, city of art and timelessness. In Rome there is a single recommended tourist route and the city deserves to be visited on foot, up and down, since every corner offers surprises and beauty that every one should discover for himself. offers a variety of hotels in Rome near the Colosseum, for those who want to stay in the historic center of the city. While in Italy you can not pederte the Amalfi coast. A small paradise in the Mediterranean and that it enjoys a single character. For the lucky ones, who can enjoy a long Easter week, after 3 days visiting Rome, why not hire a car and take many others to enjoy the tranquility of the Mediterranean in a quiet spa hotel in the small Capri or Sorrento? In Sorrento, don’t miss the fascinating historic centre, with the cloister of San Francesco, in the 14th century, featuring elements from the pagan temples. In Capri, enjoying instead, the glamour of the city that captivated celebrities such as Grace Kelly or Ava Gadner in the 50, and is famous especially for its original white houses suspended in the rocks, its sophisticated Piazzetta and excellent cuisine. From the Web page it is possible to choose a wide range of flights and hotels at the deliziosa Italy at a great price, also from the same website can be a virtual tour of the hotels, so that our election is set to the maximum to our

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