The nightmare of every amorous man. The words “Let us remain friends” the nightmare of every amorous man. (N) this woman wants. Some unique ties the thoughts. The tingling sensation when you enter the room. Finally, you have the courage. Want to tell her what the deal is.

“But the sobering answer friends let remain dear to us”. Another example. A relationship no matter for how long time is broken. The woman leaves the man who has done everything for you. With the above words as a final conclusion.

Already at the initial flirting should be taken on various factors to shoot not already at this stage in the lover offside. “Who once in the friends leave his country” it is landed has all the more harder there to emerge. Be nice to women but not to distinguish yourself! Nice social components are meant. No violence, to be non-infringing or to reduce you to various non-social factors. Who pays for a drink or eating the Lady of heart is faster only be a friend when it is dear to him. If someone in this way tries to be nice”that is nothing more than pretty obvious manipulation. I buy you a drink so you entertain yourself with me. The food, the cinema and the cocktails I’m paying you, so you can go to me too, and watch DVD”? I have to admit, the offer sounds have pretty tempting from a male perspective. Looks like but a knockout It feels more like a deal at a bazaar than a good flirt. There is nothing to pay for the drink or to invite someone. But among friends and acquaintances that you already don’t know just during an attempt to flirt! Even if you do not want it, the woman is intuitive devalue you by such gestures, or downgrade. You simply lose attractiveness. It looks as if you should only buy their affection. Another point is the emotional tampon. The mental garbage can. Or even the male best friend. The Lady of your heart you supports at each Problem. She can cry out to you when she again fell in a so-called asshole and go with you in the new sex-and-the-city – movie. That means every time when the Lady calls and tell you their problems you achieving solutions and ways to help her. There is another error. You become the male best friend. You’re an emotional tampon sucking sorrow of the world to make it up to you. Get me wrong, it isn’t someone bad in distress and problems to help. This is however wrong and exaggerated the orbiter in the Galaxy of a woman you’ll quickly. You don’t you think but the only one which are such ‘ trouble getting there? You want something else, however. “You don’t want you like she’s” but you want to be with her. “You don’t want to stay in the friends” drawer my friend land, but in the”or my lover” category. The good news is, you can choose it in which category you want to be inserted. On our website you will find more information to the Learn topic flirting. You should hang down in a special situation, and no longer know please do hesitate to contact us. You can do it!

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